"...Have faith in your dreams and someday,

your rainbow will come smiling through.

No matter how your heart is grieving,

if you keep on believing,

the dream that you wish will come true..."

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 25 - Our 16 week appointment with the Specialist

Yesterday we had our 16 weeks checkup with the specialist. First things first, everything looks good so far with the baby. We have a GIRL! and she is measuring right on track!

The doctor had a resident working with her yesterday. He was a very nice and polite young man who took some ultrasound pictures (mostly size measurements) before the doctor took over. He went right to her head first and was measuring it for gestational age. I just wanted to scream "Ok..forget that for a minute, show me the heart!" He then measured the belly, and then went to the leg bones. As he measured the legs I saw her feet and legs stretch out, and instantly felt better. But that was a long time to wait to get some reassurance! After that, that child would move just as a picture was taken..resulting in that "fuzzy" appearance. The doctor even said "She is quite active".

The doctor then took over and took some pictures and measurements. The bowels are not bright at this point, and we even got some pictures too! She did take some pictures of a fold in the placenta. She said "I'm really not concerned about it, there is no blood behind it, and the baby looks fine". So I'm trying to put that to the back of my mind, and I'm desperately resisting the urge to google it. I know from previous experience that the Internet will just scare me. She is really honest, and I know that if she was concerned she would say so!

So here is our second little girl! I get to go back in 2-3 weeks for a full biophysical profile, since there were some organs that were just too small to get good pictures of yesterday.

Oh, and here is the "look" she is going for this Halloween season!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I need a maid....anyone?...Anyone?? ... No?... :s

I believe, that I have never been this tired in my entire life. When I was pregnant with Kheri, at least I found the energy to exercise and run errands.

I am attempting to work five day weeks, and even that is proving to be a challenge! By last Friday, I thought I was going to die. I just wanted to curl up, and sleep. Instead, I went to work, and tried desperately to conquer the stupid project I'm working on. This was to no avail, and I left work more frustrated than when I went in. I came home, and spent all day yesterday doing laundry (about 6 loads of it!!), and I vowed that was all I was going to do. Then mid afternoon, while going for a drink of water I was disgusted by our floors. So I swept, and then decided that perhaps a shower would make me feel better and almost barfed when I looked at the condition of our shower. So I emptied the remainder of our green cleaners onto the walls and the bottom of the shower and gave it a scrub. I did a sink full of dishes, and took some recyclables to the basement and lit a nice toasty fire. By dinner time, I was toast. I have decided that I need a maid...and despite my best effort the cats are not willing participants. I have attempted to tie swiffers to their feet, to no avail.

Today, I have an awful headache. I have been to the banks, to the stores, and home again. I've done another sink of dishes, and baked a batch of muffins without setting off the fire alarm (who says I can't cook!). I really should finish that laundry, lite another fire, and do some dusting, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I am utterly exhausted. So I think I am going to give in to the fatigue, lay down, and watch some bad Sunday T.V. Thankfully I took care of dinner when I got groceries..Sobeys take and bake pizzas. I almost bought a bottle of baby laundry soap today, then said to myself "Just wait a few more weeks". I hate that I do that. I hate that I have this apprehension of everything.

I am also eagerly waiting to feel those first movements. I have felt the occasional tickle, or knock but, so that I don't drive myself crazy, I have decided to classify them as digestive tickles and knocks. 15 weeks + 1 day today, another 25 weeks (well 22 weeks if I have my way) to go. Hang in there baby, we're waiting for you!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Prenatal Appointment: 13 weeks + 2 days

I had another prenatal appointment yesterday at the local hospital.  The doctor was able to hear the baby's heart beat with the doppler, and it was quite audible!!  He said that hearing the heart beat like that was a really good sign considering I am only 13 weeks along and we have to listen/try to find the heart beat through the placenta.  Often, when they try to listen through the placenta all they hear is my heart beat.  So that was very reassuring.  I am having a lot of stretching and lower back discomfort, which I have read is normal, thanks to relaxin.  The stretching is a good sign, and as uncomfortable as it may be...I don't mind!

The doctor also modified my work accommodation note to get me off my feet a little more.  This was done more for my peace of mind that for safety of the baby.  He said that exercise should not effect the bleeding that I am experiencing, but I do wonder if it does sometimes.  My blood pressure was good (considering), and I have lost 3 lbs since my last appointment.  I thought for sure that I would have gained at least 5 lbs.  So far, I have lost 2 lbs total in this pregnancy, but I know that will change very soon!  Here comes thanksgiving, and Christmas..and PIE!!!!! 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

and Again....

So, after a great couple of days, the spotting started again this morning.  So, off to the hospital I went.  The critter did not want to co-operate for a doppler reading, so I instantly thought "oh here we go again".  The nurse had the doctor come in (which was my family doctor!), and she went and got the ultrasound.   Much to my relief we saw the baby's heart beating away, and she left the ultrasound on so that I could see him/her move.  The baby gave us a little show, so that provided much relief.

The doctor said "Sometimes, bleeding just happens, but if you ever need reassurance you come up".  She said that it is much like a nose bleed.  Sometimes they happen for no apparent reason, and they re-occur a few times before everything heals up. 

My hubby was working today, but my best girl Iris found her way to me at the hospital, and has been with me all day.  Thank-you babe, for who you are and everything you do!